Weather is perfect all year round, great temperature, between 65 to 80 Fahrenheit.
Languages spoken: English & Spanish

We are a very family oriented traditional farm. The old house used to be a place to shelter people on their way to Bogotá on Horseback in the 19th century, mainly priests stayed at the house on their way through beautiful stone pads called Camino Real that are still around the property. The ancestors or indigenous people who lived in the area were called Chibchas; there are some Petroglyphs around the property that have not been investigated.

comiendo-textureSanto Tomas has 40 acres of land mainly used for Organic beef Cattle grassing. In 10 of the 40 acres we planted 500 Teak trees on March of 2014. Also 2 acres around the house are planted with organic citrus trees like Oranges, Tangerines and Limes. Between the 30 acres of the organic pasture for Organic beef Cattle there are native mango, guava and banana trees.


As the farm is located in the tropic at the high of 900 meters above sea level, it’s easy to grow all tropical Organic fruits and vegetables. One of our main projects for the future is to reforest the farm with native trees and to make some bungalows with local materials like stone and bamboo, also to make our own Organic self-sufficient vegetable garden and flower garden.orquideas-textureLanguages spoken: English & Spanish